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Michele Zubak- The Sassy Scent Slinger



My Story

Hey hey! I'm Michele Zubak- The Sassy Scent Slinger! I am basically obsessed with scents... I love how a scent can completely transform my mood or transport me back to moment in time.

Prior to discovering Scentsy- I was a total candle junkie, but I hated how quickly they'd burn and I hated the soot and the smell after I put them out. Blekkk! All I knew about Scentsy in the beginning was that they offered wax bars and warmers and knew I wanted to try that as a candle alternative. Welp- I fell in love with the wax bars and warmers and then wanted to try all of the products!

Now I'm in love with ALL THE THINGS! I love the variety of products we offer- you can literally have your very own signature scent in your home- from wax, to room sprays to laundry and cleaning supplies and more- you can create a freaking MOOD! I don't even know how I lived my life before without Scentsy Laundry products!!

I just love everything so much- so I decided to become a consultant! That has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love the company, I love the products, I love my team and the extra income and trips I earn don’t hurt either! ;) - ask me about becoming a consultant on my team! The Sassy Scent Society is always looking for new scent slingers to join us!

And, of course, if you want to create a total VIBE in your home + on the go with Scentsy, I got you boo!

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